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Level up your Logic Pro with a sleek dark mode theme. Curated views and modules feature elegant dark tones and vibrant hues. Designed with ❤️ by Phil Bauch: Music.


Introducing “Nightshift: Multi” – Say goodbye to uninspiring greys and unlock your creativity with an eye-pleasing dark and vibrant, meaningful interface.

Elevate your music production experience with this meticulously crafted Logic Pro template. Immerse yourself in a stunning Dark Mode, where every view and module is individually tailored, ensuring a harmonious blend of dark with eye-pleasing accents and multiple shades of blue, purple and teal.

Prepare for more as “Multi” hints at future themes – imagine a golden aura or a sleek matrix-style green 😎 Join the Nightshift revolution, where functionality meets beauty, and music production becomes an immersive journey. Upgrade your workspace, amplify your inspiration – „Nightshift: Multi“ is your gateway to a new dimension of creativity.


About myself: 

Hi there, I’m Phil Bauch, originally from Hamburg, Germany but living for a long time in Málaga, Spain. By day, I’m knee-deep in the design world, juggling roles as a graphic and UX designer, and calling the shots as an art director in advertising. But when the day job wraps up, I switch gears to my lifelong love – music. This template isn’t just a project; it’s a reflection of my dual life. I poured my design skills and musical passion into it, creating something that personally inspires me whenever working in Logic Pro. Experience the synergy of my two worlds in every detail of this inspired creation.


Found an error?

All views, windows and elements are carefully designed matching the themes overall look’n’feel and colour principles. If you find something that does not to seem correct to you, send me a message and a screenshot, and I will have a look on it. 😎  Of course, any design update or fix will be free for registered users 🤑


©2024 Phil Bauch Music. All rights reserved. Find out more about me and my music at music.phil-bauch.com


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