Frequently Asked Questions


I am using the demo version of the Colorizer application, can I buy & sell theme on the store?

No the theme store is restricted to License users since you cannot export & import themes in the demo version of the application.

What is the minimum version of Colorizer I need to sell & buy themes.

We recommend you update to the 2.6.1 version or above in order to distribute themes.

How do I create an account on the theme store?

Check the get stated page for step by step guidance.

How do I transfer my earnings to my bank account?

To transfer your earning balance to your banking account you will need to set your payment withdrawal to “Direct to Stripe”. Follow this guide to register your Stipe account.

Theme Products

I am trying to upload a theme but the site says I am not the owner of the theme.

Themes are hooked to your license, you cannot sell a theme that has not been built under your license in the application.

How much should I sell my theme for?

This is really up to you to decide how much you value your Theme. Usually at Creationauts we value things based on the amount of time involved.  Lookup other theme products, this should give you some pointers.

I bought a theme but cannot import it in Colorizer

Make sure you are running at least Colorizer V2.6.1 if not please run a “check for update” directly from the app to update.

If you are still having issue please reach out to us and forward your License email, serial Key and the purchase theme file (.lpxt)

Can I edit a theme I purchased?

Yes absolutely! If for some reason you don’t like you modifications you can at anytime download the original version of the theme you bought from your theme store account.

Can I resell a theme I purchased and edited?

No, when you purchase a theme the theme file is bound to your license and will remain this way forever.

I have a new version for my theme, should I sell it as a new product or update file of the original product

It is up to you but if there is no dramatic changes to the main colors and style of the theme we recommend you just update the theme file of the already existing product.

I bought a theme but I don't like it, can I get a refund?

Usually purchases are final.  If for some reason the theme file does not give you satisfaction or looks any different than the screenshot on the product page you can reach and try to settle this with the theme Vendor, and we invite you to report the issue to us as well.

We recommend uploading full HD (1920×1080 px) screenshots of your themes so customers can zoom in on the store and see elements in details.

If you have another question please reach out to us using the contact form.

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