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Why We Do This

There are two reasons for this platform to exist. 

For artists in the music industry, every investment counts. And while we believe LP Colorizer can boost your productivity, we wanted to add more value to it. Now licensed users can not only access more themes but can also sell their own and make some profits making Colorizer more than a software you own but an investment for extra financial opportunities.  

What's new?

You have probably figured that we have removed the “X” from LPX Colorizer for this site name (domain). This should give you a hint that LP Colorizer is looking forward to its next version but also to Logic Pro 11. At this time, it won’t make sense anymore for the application to be named “LPX” Colorizer, this is why we removed the ‘X’. The V3.0 of Colorizer will be named “LP Colorizer” but most importantly it features a new user friendly interface, so you can design themes quick and easy and integrates custom button options to make your themes even more unique. Hope you are excited about the future of this new version as much as we are! 

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